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amorphous core for filtering inductance
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As one of the professional and leading China amorphous core for filtering inductance manufacturers and suppliers, CAREFUL can bring you high quality and high precision amorphous core for filtering inductance from our productive factory which can offer you products in stock at low price. Should you have special requirements, we can also give customized products buying service.
Product Details
When switching power supply adopt bridge type rectifier and big capacitor filtering , input current shapes as small top wave, non-line, and input power factor only reaches 0.5~0.7. The current regulations both at home and abroad stipulates that the input power factor of switch power supply should reach above 0.9, and power factor correction must be adopted to improve the factor. At present, normally active power factor is adopted to correct circuit such as voltage rising switch circuit), among this system, inductance and filtering inductance are different, this functions as energy storage and transition, which result in different designs. Fe-based Amorphous core works as power factor correction inductance, under the conditions of 20kHz, 2.5kVA power factor correction circuit. Compared with silicone steel core with thickness of 0.1, the Core loss drops from 28.8W to 4.4W, and its weight
From 4.75KGS to 4.2KGS, so amorphous is the ideal material for PFC inductance.


* Substitute of silicone steel, works as output filtering inductance and reactor for high-power frequency rectifier
*Replacement of thin silicone steel and ferrite, works as output filtering inductance in high-power medium and high frequency power supply(400Hz~50kHz)
*As a power factor correction inductancebelow 50kHz), applied in frequency conversion AC, UPS, switching mode power supply, etc.

A. Cut core, excellent constant inductance performance and anti-DC bias magnetic capacity
B. High saturation flux density Bs---enabled to reduce transformer sizes
C. High permeability, low coercivity---enabled to improve transformer work efficiency and reduce coil distribution parameter
D. Low core loss_enabled to reduce transformer temperature rise
E. Excellent stability---workable for long under 130 degrees.